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eProperty Watch is a new free service for my potential sellers. It monitors your neighborhood and gives you monthly updates on vital statistics!

“Always on” monitoring means that the enrolled address is now being watched for new liens based on information obtained from local county recorder offices, up to date property values, nearby sales/transactions, and area housing market trends.  ePropertyWatch never sleeps.   It constantly monitors an enrolled address on your behalf .

You may be asking “Why should I monitor for lien status?”.

Monitoring for changes of lien status can, literally, be a home saver.   If an identity thief places a fraudulent lien at the county deeds office (“House Stealing”) and ePropertyWatch has detected the transaction – the service will immediately send you an alert.   In addition, ePropertyWatch monitors a home’s ever changing value, area sales and foreclosures, and local real estate market trends.   In short, it actively monitors for important changes to individual homes and neighborhoods to keep homeowners up to date on their #1 asset.

A monthly “Alert Digest” is emailed to you.  The alerts are simple, easy to read emails. This includes status of liens at the county office, current home value, nearby sales/foreclosures, and market trends as of that date.  You may also customize the frequency of alerts for other features such as increases to their home’s value and nearby activity.   You can even instruct ePropertyWatch on what’s important enough to you to generate an immediate alert.

You will even have a web page custom to your address.   Only information about your home and neighborhood is published to these web pages.   You just set up a user name and password to securely access these custom web pages any time you wish.   The web site simply provides “deep dive” information about your home that isn’t included in the alert emails.


Just fill in the requested information to the right to get started. As always, there is no cost or obligation! I just want you to have the information you need to make informed decisions about your home. If you would like a more comprehensive evaluation of your home just go here: 


If you have any questions just call me at (661) 904-1194. I’m never too busy to make time to talk with you.

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