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Technology Is The Key!

In the 21st Century technology rules the real estate market. The current crop of sophisticated buyers are tech savvy like none before them. It is crucial for Realtors to use every tool at their disposal to put your home in front of as many people as possible in as many ways as possible. When I list your home I go above and beyond what the average agent does. I do a 3d scan of the entire property. The information is then  correlated to produce a virtual walkthrough of your home. A video, controlled by the user that allows buyers not only to see pictures, but actually move thorough your home, at will, without disturbing you! You can actually have an international “Open House” where anyone with an internet connection can tour your home. This expands the field of potential buyers and weeds out unserious prospects! All at no cost to you!

Try it out for yourself!

Click on the play arrow then use your mouse or the arrow keys to navigate!